Strains are one of the main topics of discussion in the cannabis community. There are so many of them now. There are so many of them we know little about. Yes we require data.

In the beginning there was only 3. Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis, who seems to really be the third man. That was in the way back time. Even after the cross continental spread most regions have managed to produce a few stand out strains and the rest are just descendents or remixes of those and whatever anyone’s active imagination can think to crosspollinate. There may be more phenotypes then genotypes fronting on the shelves than we know. How many hybrids? What percentage? Now, for the additional burst of science. Seeds from the same mother share the same (genetics) genotype. However each seed will develop it’s own plant with a unique smell, taste and potency. It’s phenotype. The trick is origin. For me that is the most often asked question. Where did this come from? Who grew it and how, meaning with what besides water and light? Is it the same strain going by a different name? A series of deeper questions follow. If you cross a White Widow male with a female Space Queen and I cross a male Space Queen with a female White Widow is that somehow different or inherently the same? Clones or seeds? Indoor?Outdoor? Were pesticides used in the growing of this plant?!? Of course the subculture being underground and all, documentation can be lacking excepting those who pride themselves on genetics.  It would be nice as a consumer to have the details of the plant life. Who grew it? Where? The cannabinoid numbers and the recommended dosage. It seems contradictory that it would even have a label or that I would actually prefer it. If it tells the truth and I like what it says, yes labels. No lying on the labels. I’m certain that is apart of an ideal world for medicinal marijuana. Recreational may be responsibly embracing hedonism. Use at your risk. Maybe that’s just me. I want to be an informed consumer.

I have this vision of a satirical utopia. One where amateur growers go wild and the number of strains increases exponentially and genetics become uber convoluted. We all appreciate a clever strain name especially if it couples with a unique and worthy experience. It’s a true disappointment not to live up to your good name. I just see the potential for some absurd conversations regarding strains happening in our near future if there isn’t some kind of pause for the cause lab analysis of what is already existing. Not saying let’s have a moratorium on new strains. Just saying hey what’s in this one I already have… because there are so many. I don’t personally have them all at this time. I like to rotate. I like to choose my adventures and treatments wisely. I just don’t want to get to that point where some bro is talking about how he crossed Mongoose x President Hilary Clinton x SilverSuperSkunkSkySkillet Haze x Orange Vanilla Lighthouse backcrossed x Bootcut Brazilian Redneck backcrossed x Hyphenated OG.

I don’t care about the packaging or the brands. Not now. Is that blasphemy? Of course brands will emerge but how will we know which one is the generic and which one is franchise unless we buy them blind or the data is part of the presentation. Will there be advertising? Will it be credible? Edibles must be labeled. Right? For safety. Not necessarily by the government. Third parties can be a big help organizing the industry at these early stages because they are more nimble. Independent labs and foods industry personnel are finding new niches with cannabis commerce. There is clearly a will to do just that. Build an industry. I want a catalogue of strains with their properties that reads like a 4th grade encyclopedia. I want to order by phone or via the interweb. I also relish going into a store and engaging with helpful knowledgeable staff about the product. I don’t like to be overwhelmed. Yes anxiety and stress in my patient profile. Please can it be distilled down to it’s essence. No excess. I don’ t care about your bag appeal if it serves it’s purpose. Can we streamline the strain conversation. Growers focus on signatures. Labs focus on plant profiles. Users focus on experience. We didn’t always have choices about what kind we got. Too many patients and consumers still don’t. Look how far we’ve come. Yes progress. Yes I have been having that particular predicament where I’m not sure what I’m getting and I’m having a challenge acquiring the kind I really want. It can be all be so simple. One day. Vending machines, food trucks and delivery service. Meanwhile I ask a lot of questions and you should to. Since the market seems to respond to demands let’s make some.




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