Second marijuana shop opens in Seattle

SEATTLE — It’s time for another pot shop to open in Seattle.

Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop is the second in the city granted a license by the state Liquor Control Board.

And like the opening of other recreational cannabis stores in the state, someone stood in line more than 12 hours before the official opening of the store.

Ryan Elbrecht took the lead, arriving at 9 p.m. Monday after a bet with his buddy.   Elbrecht is here visiting from Florida and when his buddy didn’t think he’d be the first in line, they bet $1,000 on it.  So Elbrecht now plans to collect cash from his buddy and buy the two of them some marijuana.

“It’s like going to McDonald’s and buying weed instead of a crappy cheeseburger,” Elbrecht said.

A few hours before opening, a second man joined Elbrecht in line.

At a soft opening on Saturday, manager Ben Smith said about 50 people lined up to buy pot, hearing about it strictly by word of mouth.  Smith said they’re now restocked and ready for a grand opening.

The only other place to buy recreational marijuana in Seattle is Cannabis City on 4th Ave. S. in SoDo.   Uncle Ike’s is in the Central District at 23rd and Union.

And right next door is Uncle Ike’s Glass and Goods.

Smith said so many buyers like Elbrecht come in from out of state, they need paraphernalia when they arrive – so he says the glass shop offers up an inexpensive line of pipes and more.

“Also we’re going to have very expensive glass for, you know, your local enthusiasts,” he said. “You know it’s just like the wine industry, people like nice wine glasses, we’re going to have nice pieces too.  It’s really an industry all in itself, you’d be surprised.”

And this entire industry is still under great scrutiny, from inside and out.

At Uncle Ike’s complex, every move is watched, with more than three dozen security cameras installed in and around the property.   Since this industry started in the state, there have been droughts of in the supply of cannabis and stiff prices.

“We’re doing our job to get the prices lowered as quickly as we can,” Smith said.

Smith also said he predicts the supply and demand will even out by January.

Both Uncle Ike’s and Cannabis City open at noon.
By  Published: Sep 30, 2014 at 3:44 PM PDT

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