Welcome to LeafStrain. While we are getting started I just thought I’d let you in on a few things. The most important in my opinion is the collection of data. I have scoured the surface web for numbers and cannabinoid profiles of plants. I can see that all of us in this newly hatched world are trying to make our way up the big rock candy mountain with whatever tools and resources we can find. If you work in a lab please drop us an email. We’d like to be your friend. In fact in my vision of future utopia I have an entourage of cannabis scientists in my circle and that makes me cool and others envious because… knowledge. If you are a grower with something interesting and informative to add to our conversations please do. Patients and users know that your legitimate comments and feedback are always welcome. Yes we are all striving for legitimacy here. I’m not saying we should take ourselves too seriously. I simply want us to work against type. Let’s prove the haters, conservatives and naysayers wrong. Let’s be diligent, organized and successful.

We are working hard to fill in the details. If you know something or see something we don’t, share. I find it ironic that I would even have to encourage cannabis users to share because I know that you will. I just want you to know that you have permission so it’s not unsolicited or inappropriate. We are all trying to stay relevant in this world. It’s exciting and a little daunting but I’m comfortable with a challenge. I am just thinking of this movement as part of a 3 dimensional game. Who will win? Who will burst a blood vessel coughing? Who will make it to the pharmacy before it closes? Who will not? Who will start out as a DIY hobbyist and go on to become a champion? Who will be the first to design a sustainable hemp fabric clothing line that is also popular.

We can’t all be cool kids. Some of us have to be nerds or loners but that forces us to forge our own path. That leads to scientific break throughs. Everytime I think we have reached the end of the final frontier a new territory appears. Surveying the land from where we stand now I can only imagine what the cannabis culture and community will look like in five or ten years. It is our sincerest hope that it maintains the values and principles of the people who make it possible and those whom it serves. We hope cannabinoid extracts wreak havoc on disease and dangerous ineffectual pharmaceuticals. We hope to have our minds blown with the increasing revenues and the decreasing crime rates. We hope to appeal to the international citizens who have an interest in how we’ve managed to turn the country and the economy around. Ideally we continue to set these precedents. We aim higher. We make unintentional puns. We spend countless hours reading research and literature. We build a better site and experience for everyone. We fill it with facts, antecdotes, information and the occasional opinion. Perhaps we will find a place for some fun, etcetera because no one wants to be dull. Everyone wants to be covered in sparkly crystals. Right?!? So we pressed the start button. Please pay no attention to the men behind the curtain they are at work. Meanwhile take a look around. Follow and engage us on the social network scene. Show us what you got. Tell someone. Like us. Love us. Visit us often.





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