Illinois: Several things you should know about the firmest Medical Marijuana Law

After more than 7 months of Illinois Medical Marijuana law going into effect, new approvals outline the steps and approximate time frames for prospective business entrepreneurs and qualifying patients can expect before they get the ok to cultivate, use and or dispense Cannabis.

Many patients and business opportunity seekers have been waiting for access to Medical Marijuana in Illinois and they may have it in early 2015 after recent rules for the states restrictive pilot program were approved by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.

There have been 23 states including Illinois that have passed Medical Marijuana laws and legislation is still pending in several other states. The law that created the Illinois pilot program is among the firmest and hardest Medical Marijuana law in the nation, in part due to limits on medical conditions that qualify for treatment and the start-up costs and steep fees required for Medical Marijuana businesses. The Marijuana Policy Project estimates more than 10,000 qualifying patients could eventually sign up.

There are several things you should know and be aware of in regards to the newly approved rules for Illinois Medical Marijuana:

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis most likely won’t be selling in huge numbers. The reason behind this is because the new approved rules uphold the limits on the number of dispensaries and cultivation centers that can be locate in the state. The statewide rules show to only allow for 21 Marijuana cultivation centers and 60 dispensaries statewide in Illinois.

Remember the feds can still bust cultivators, users and growers although they most likely won’t if you ask many people out there these days.  Marijuana does remain a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law and can still be punishable by certain fines and even possible jail time. Some recent reports have indicated that the Feds are not looking to focus or they most likely will not focus on individuals that are following state laws.

Medical Marijuana patients have to be patient and wait for approval: Prospective patients with last names beginning with the letters A through L can apply to use Medical Marijuana in September and October. On the other hand, people with last names that begin with M through Z can apply in November and December.

Businesses Entrepreneurs will also have to wait as well: Medical marijuana entrepreneurs are expected to be able to apply for licenses to grow and possibly supply Cannabis in the 4 quarter of 2014 and once they get approved they would have roughly 6 months to get their businesses off the ground and running.

Medical Marijuana patients are only eligible for a medical marijuana registry card if they suffer from 1 or more of roughly thirty qualifying disorders that include HIV, Glaucoma and Cancer. Illinois just recently passed a bill that would grant minors suffering from disorders that include epilepsy access to a cannabis derived oil to try to help and or alleviate their conditions.


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