Central Nervous System Disorder

Central Nervous System Disorder or Vasculitis is a swelling of the blood vessels. Blood Vessels are a hollow network of tubes that carry blood throughout the body. The smallest of these are capillaries. The medium being arterioles and venules. The larger blood vessels are veins and arteries. If blood flow is reduced or stopped parts of the body affected begin to die. The causes are unknown but it is thought to be an immune system over reaction where the antigens cause an allergic reaction by attacking the white blood cells. Symptoms include severe headaches, skin rashes, mini strokes, encephalopathy, fatigue, weakness, fever, joint aches, abdominal pain, kidney problems (dark/ urine), nerve problems include numbness, tingling and pain. Small vessels can break and appear purple/blue on the skin but inflamed larger vessels can cause nodules or lumps/masses of tissue. Inflammation of blood vessel walls in the brain or spine can block the flow of oxygen to the brain causing loss of brain function. This is obviously life threatening.  This disease can accompany other autoimmune disorders such as Lupus, Dermatomyositis or infections viral or bacterial. This condition is usually treated with steroids.

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